A visual artist with an architectural background, telling playful and imaginative stories through intricate illustrations.
Based in Glasgow, Scotland, my practice focusses on printmaking, mural, and publishing. For me, every illustration is a playground of discovery, a world of stories waiting to be uncovered and shared.
HarperCollins   -    Penguin Random House   -   Hodder & Stoughton   -   GAP   -   The Scotsman   -   Peter Vardy   -   Scottish Opera   -   Kraft Foods   -   Zumba   -   Tiffany & Co.   -   Urban Outfitters   -   Habitat
The Red Door Gallery   -    Paper Tiger   -    The Shop of Interest   -    Bessemer Gallery   -    The Pirate and Bluebelle   -    Aspex Gallery   -    SNAP​​​​​​​
For a catalogue or wholesale enquiries, email hello@davidfleck.co.uk
Window Mural and exhibition by David Fleck
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